Thursday, August 13, 2009

Washington DC "Boomtown" Could Have 190,000 Green Jobs In Its Future

Washington DC certainly has its own economic fabric. Green jobs will be a significant part of its next decade.

International business news source e yugoslavia reports:

“The federal government is our foundation, but it’s a mutually reinforcing set of factors,” said Matt Erskine, director of the Greater Washington Initiative. “Smart people are attracted to other smart people.” More than half of the area’s people over age 25 have a college degree, and more than 50 universities and specialized educational establishments are based in and around Washington. Erskine sees new environmental technologies as an area for future growth. A recent study by the US Conference of Mayors estimated that more than 190,000 “green” jobs could be created in the region in the next 30 years. See full article.

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