Saturday, September 19, 2009

Green Jobs May Help California Out Of The Recession

The discussion about how much emphasis the U.S. should put on green job development and the role of government stimulus funds in that continues. Part of how California looks towrd its future is being discussed -- whether it will be able to compete in world markets and the quality of the jobs being created.

Lyanne Melendez and ABC San Franciso reports:

"Devon Swezey is with The Breakthrough Institute, an Oakland-based think tank group on energy and climate issues. "The Chinese government is offering substantial support in terms of credit guarantees, loan guarantees, low cost financing to directly grow their solar manufacturing industry. The chinese government is engaged in the productive policy of support for this industry in the way the US is not or has never been," said Swezey.
According to the Governor's Office, since 2005 so-called green jobs have grown 10 times faster than the total job growth in California. But critics says that comes at a price because the green industry is heavily subsidized and many believe when tax payer money supports some jobs, other jobs in businesses paying those higher taxes are likely to be lost." See full article.

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