Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Ten Fastest-Growing Green Jobs

A book by Laurence Shatkin helps us understand the growing green job sectors:
Randy Woods for Hire Ground reports:

"The irony of our current economic situation, however, is that the greatest momentum in the green business field can be found in the sector that has perhaps been hardest hit by the recession: the construction industry. Through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program developed by the Green Building Council, the concept of "green building" has swept the industry with its energy-saving materials and design elements.
Today, LEED certification is being sought for most building projects, from single-family homes to skyscrapers--and a growing industry of LEED-trained engineers and designers are moving in to soak up demand.

The trend can be seen in the latest findings by occupational expert and author Laurence Shatkin. In his latest book, "200 Best Jobs for Renewing America," Shatkin analyzes six industry sectors that he says will lead a shift toward a "forward-looking economy"--education, infrastructure, health care, information technology, advanced manufacturing and green technology--and identifies sectors that have the fastest-growing and best-paying jobs in the nation.
In the green technology sector, Shatkin found that many of the new jobs can be found in the construction industry as property owners look for ways to reduce energy and operational costs. Here are the top 10 green jobs, in terms of nationwide growth, highlighted in Shatkin's book:

1. Environmental Engineers. Growth: 25.4 percent; avg. annual earnings: $72,350
2. Environmental Scientists and Specialists. Growth: 25.1 percent; avg. annual earnings: $58,380
3. Geoscientists. Growth: 21.9 percent; avg. annual earnings: $75,800
4. Industrial Engineers. Growth: 20.3 percent; avg. annual earnings: $71,430
5. Construction and Building Instructors. Growth: 18.2 percent; avg. annual earnings: $48,330
6. Construction Managers. Growth: 15.7 percent; avg. annual earnings: $76,230
7. Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters. Growth: 10.6 percent; avg. annual earnings: $44,090
8. Carpenters. Growth: 10.3 percent; avg. annual earnings: $37,660
9. First-line Supervisors/Managers of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers. Growth: 9.1 percent; avg. annual earnings: $55,950
10. Electricians. Growth: 7.4 percent; avg. annual earnings: $44,780"

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