Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Chevy Volt and GM's Hopes for a Recovery

Popular Mechanics test drove the Chevy Volt which is coming to market in November of 2010. The reivews are very positive and GM has great hopes for the vehicle as a big part of its climb out of bankruptcy and strong future employment. In this instance green technology is ground-zero in America's fight for new jobs.

Popular Mechanics reports:

"For all the radical departure from traditional automotive engineering that's going on here, driving the test mule proved remarkably unremarkable. It drove like any common car. It accelerated, steered and braked in ways that wouldn't disturb any driver who was unaware of the underlying technology. The big differences: it was all but utterly silent, devoid of even the whirring and gear-whining sounds we're accustomed to hearing from EVs. Since there's no disruption by gear-changing, it's even more liquid-smooth than the latest luxury sedans with their seven- and eight-speed automatic transmissions

Whatever future is in store for General Motors, the Volt technology holds great promise. If one of the new green startup auto companies had it, that company could march straight off to Wall Street, float an IPO and likely get more financing than GM's current market capitalization." See full article.

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