Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Energy Savings Translates to Jobs In California

There are many ways that the new energy economy will create new jobs. Some will come from freeing up money tied up in energy bills.

California Green Solutions reports:

"Energy efficiency measures have enabled California households to redirect their expenditure toward other goods and services, creating about 1.5 million FTE jobs with a total payroll of over $45 billion, driven by well-documented household energy savings of $56 billion from 1972-2006." Green Solutions' projected job creation categories include: Another 1.5 million jobs in the coming years,

Agriculture 2,967
Light Industrial 41,300
Chemicals 6,526
Semiconductors 830
Vehicles 1,428
Other Industrials 5,541
Wholesale/Rtail Trade 457,475
Vehicle Sales 215
Transportation 724
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 143,114
Other Services 345,313
Public Service 481,703

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