Saturday, May 23, 2009

Green Job Growth, the Smart Grid and Computers

Green job development will be about many transformations including the evolution of a new "smart" energy grid that is run in a more interactive, two-way, manner with major new computer software and technology helping out. Some say this transition will make the smart grid bigger than the Internet. One company is getting ready. (illustration: CNet Greentech)

Green Biz reports:

"Cisco's SmartGrid solutions lay out an entire framework of smart energy tools, covering everything homes to data centers to electrical substations. The tools will allow utility companies and their customers manage power supplies and energy consumption more efficiently.
The company expects that the Smart Grid and its associated infrastructure needs will become a $20 billion market by 2015, and that the benefits of moving toward a system that allows for on-demand, instead of always-on, energy utilization can save the United States 10 to 15 percent or more of overall energy use, cut back significantly on the greenhouse gas emissions related to electricity generation, and create as many as 280,000 green jobs." See full article.

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