Monday, May 25, 2009

Counts of Green Jobs and Definitions Are Improving

Even with a strict definition of what is a "green job" Washington State finds it already has five times as many as it thought.

Reuters and report on the various defitnitions and ways they are counted:
"WSU actually adopted a different and narrower definition: green jobs are those held by employees who devote a substantial share of their work hours to activities that boost energy efficiency and renewable energy or prevent, reduce, or clean up pollution. This definition likely omits many other green jobs, such as those in conservation and restoration of our natural heritage, bicycling and transit, and real-estate development for compact communities. It also excludes everything in the public and nonprofit sectors such as environmental education and advocacy. (Ironically, under WSU's survey rules, none of Sightline's staff would count. Not even Van Jones would qualify.)
On the plus side, WSU's definition does allow a precise census. WSU surveyed more than 9,500 private-sector employers in Washington and found more than 47,000 green jobs -- five times more than previously estimated." See full article.

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