Thursday, July 2, 2009

Former President: Green Jobs Could Comprise Greatest Economic Boon Since World War II

Former President Clinton Addressed the Waterkeeper Alliance In New York City on June 26th and offered his views on the significance of the emerging green economy and green job creation. (Photo: J. Karceski)

Julie Karceski for reports:
[President] "Clinton called the possible creation of a green job market a great boon to the economy, perhaps the greatest since World War II. He said the U.S. needs a new source of jobs every five to eight years, and green jobs, like building upgrading and wind turbine manufacturing, will provide Americans with work for another ten years.

Furthermore, he argued, investing $1 billion dollars in wind or solar energy creates more jobs than the using the same money to build a coal plant. He explained how making user-friendly financing methods for green home improvements would increase the number of people building greener homes." See article.

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  1. Bill Clinton appears to be more vociferous than Al Gore on the issue of climate change lately.
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