Wednesday, July 8, 2009

UK: 400,000 New Jobs and 34% Greenhouse Gas Reduction by 2020

As we get closer to the next world global warming summit, some nations are stepping up reductions while feeling more confident about green jobs. Photo: David Parry, UK.

The UK Telegraph reports:

"A 'green revolution' that should create 400,000 jobs is to be launched by ministers later this month in the most ambitious ever bid to transform the British economy, industry and sources of energy. Detailed plans for expanding renewable energy tenfold and cutting emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses that heat up the planet - all in little more than a decade - will be announced. The plans will be spelt out in three documents due to be published in about ten days time. Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, will unveil a White Paper that will spell out how emissions will be cut by at least 34 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020 and a 'Renewable Energy Strategy' to increase its use to 15 per cent of Britain's total energy supplies by the same date." See full article.


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