Monday, July 6, 2009

Northwest Indiana Is Seeing Green Jobs In Its Future

Northwest Indiana is a traditional manufacturing hub. Leaders there are seeing less of a gap between regular manufacturing jobs and green jobs.

Michael Gonzalez, Post-Tribune correspondent reports:

"Going green can mean more greenbacks for Northwest Indiana, a region whose fortunes have been historically chained to traditional manufacturing. In an information fair sponsored by an ad hoc committee of residents called Concerned Citizens of Northwest Indiana, a panel of experts said there is no longer a gap between a greener region and more jobs.

[U.S. Rep. Pete] "Visclosky said steel making in the region runs 'on green jobs,' as the industry has achieved double-digit decreases in energy usage and carbon emissions and American steel is used in projects like windmill farms. While touting stimulus money for energy conservation and weatherization, he also promised he would vote against any legislation that could cost steel jobs.
Tracy Hall, a veteran electrician with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 697, spoke of installing solar panels on Merrillville's town hall and the need to train workers for similar projects for large scale green projects coming soon to the region. See full article.

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