Thursday, July 30, 2009

Green Jobs That Will "Stay In Las Vegas"

Jaime Cruz helped Las Vegas make its city center more energy efficient. Now he is working on bringing green jobs to America's gambling capital.
Timothy Pratt at the Las Vegas Sun interviewed him:

"Why does Southern Nevada need green jobs? The current economic climate has accentuated the point that, for a long time, we’ve had all our eggs in one basket, with jobs in the service economy and construction. What we’ve seen is that we have to diversify, and green jobs are one way.
What are the challenges? In the long term, we need policies to change the way this community looks at solar energy, more cooperation with the federal government over land use and, with the private sector, ways to make solar energy more affordable. But in the meantime we have to attack what we have control over. For example, if we can find ways to make large buildings more energy efficient, that will create more jobs." See full article.

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