Saturday, June 13, 2009

California Study Forcasts 1.5% Annual Energy Efficiency Will Spawn 500,000 New Jobs

An economic forcast model developed at U.C. Berkeley finds that clean energy can become aboomindustry in the Golden State. (Photo: American

Associated Press Reports:

"David Roland-Holst, a UC Berkeley economics professor and the study's author, predicted aggressive state legislation meant to curb greenhouse gas emissions would create an enormous new clean energy market and spur innovation to better harness renewable resources.

Roland-Holst said his study is the first to use a wide-ranging economic forecasting tool developed at UC Berkeley to study the potential effects of clean energy on the entire California economy.
If the state were to continue with its current energy demand and reliance on fossil fuels, the study predicted, California would have to import more fuel, exposing the economy to less stable prices. On the other hand, using clean sources for half the state's electric power while increasing efficiency by 1.5 percent each year would create 500,000 new jobs with a $100 billion payroll, the study found." See full article.

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