Monday, June 8, 2009

Carbon Salary Survey: Climate Change Workers Feel Job Security

A recent Reuters survey found that workers expect the problem of climate change to offer job security. (Photo: Building and Woodworking International)

BNET Energy reports:

"The first-ever Carbon Salary Survey, conducted by Reuters, found 68 percent of green workers polled have an increased sense of job security as governments and businesses react to the threat of climate change. In short, they expect climate change to be a problem and a priority for awhile. Of the 1,200 people polled, the survey found the average green collar worker makes $76,000 per year, with half receiving bonuses. U.S.-based workers had the highest average pay at $100,000. Salaries in the financial and legal sectors of the climate change industry were the highest at $116,000 and folks working in marketing, public relations or media had the lowest average salaries at $58,000. All-in-all it sounds pretty good.

The picture isn’t quite as positive or clear for folks looking for green manufacturing jobs. The University of California Berkeley has estimated renewable energy could create as many as 4 million new jobs." See full article.

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