Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wind Energy Key to Oklahoma Economy

A state known for its history as an oil producer looks toward alternative energy as its future. (Photo from: marvin908's Flickr account)

Murray Evans of Associated Press reports:

"Oklahoma has vast potential for the development of the renewable resource and it could be a boon to the state's economy [according to] speakers at a wind energy conference..... speakers included the state's commerce, energy and environmental secretaries and Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, who noted Oklahoma's longtime status as an energy leader.

'We believe that Oklahoma is perfectly located for us to develop this industry in our state,' Askins said. 'Energy and agriculture have been mainstays of our economy for decades. Wind energy is an opportunity to continue developing the energy industry and continue it moving forward into the 21st century.'

Oklahoma is 12th among the states in wind energy generation, but state officials said it could climb into the top two in the next couple of decades if it continued to develop its resources. By 2030, it could provide 10 percent of the nation's electricity." See full article.

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