Thursday, June 18, 2009

Job Growth Report Supports Passage of American Clean Energy and Security Act

A new report makes a compelling jobs and economy case for passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act. The Center for American Progress lays out how the right the combination of limiting green house gas emissions, lowering the cost of supplying energy and improving overall energy efficiency will result in 1.7 million jobs and lower the national unemployment rate by a full percentage point. The report also looks at how many jobs will result from clean energy as compared to reliance on fossil fuel burning. Photo: AP/Alan Diaz

The Center for American Progress reports:

"Our analysis in this paper shows that these two measures operating together can generate roughly $150 billion per year in new clean-energy investments in the United States over the next decade. This estimated $150 billion in new spending annually includes government funding but is notably dominated by private-sector investments. We estimate this sustained expansion in clean-energy investments triggered by the economic stimulus program and the forthcoming American Clean Energy and Security Act can generate a net increase of about 1.7 million jobs. This expansion in job opportunities can continue as long as the economy maintains a commitment to clean-energy investments in the $150 billion per year range. If clean-energy investments expand still faster, overall job creation will increase correspondingly. See full article.

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