Sunday, June 28, 2009

There is a Parallel Between Growth of the U.S. Information Economy and Projections for the Green Economy

Green Business expert and author Joel Makower sees many parallels between the coming green economic age and the arrival of the computer information age decades ago. The information age was about innovation, new products and services and growth. The green age offers the same kind of opportunities. Photo:

The Ocala Business Journal reports:
"If you want to get an idea of state of green business right now, Joel Makower says there's a parallel in the information economy. ... 'thousands of companies brought down the price of everything from broadband connections to increased processing speeds to increased disk storage space, to the point that this all became so cheap and ubiquitous that it's practically free,' he said.

Makower said today's business innovators need to apply that same approach to alternative energy. Makower said the green phenomenon in the business world has evolved through three eras: from simply discontinuing bad practices; to adopting more energy-efficient and waste-reducing measures; to the current stage, in which entrepreneurs are considering how green becomes a platform for new business models and growth. Green business practices and products can create value, Makower said, by increasing sales, decreasing costs, creating new products and markets, improving quality, decreasing risk and liability, and increasing ability to attract and retain talent." See full article.

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